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june, 14th - july, 15th

Fondue FIFA 2018

watch live and enjoy

There is a unique public viewing 

for the FIFA football world championship 2018

at Ars Vini!

Enjoy all matches of

the German national football team,

the Swiss national team and

the Équipe Tricolore

in a stylish ambience on big screen!

We offer fancy summer snacks and

discounts on several cheese fondues!


FREE beer 0,3L*

during all games

of the German national team

​​must have membership

of the 1.FC Union Berlin

OR ALBA Berlin​​

FREE wine 0,2L*

during all matches

of the Swiss national team

must like us on

facebook or follow us on instagram

FREE secco 0,1L*

during all matches

of the French national team

show your French identity card!



june, 16th

june, 17th

june, 17th june, 21st

june, 22nd

june, 23rd

june, 26th

june, 27th

june, 27th

| 12 am| France – Australia

| 05 pm| Germany – Mexico

| 08 pm| Brazil – Switzerland

| 05 pm| France – Peru

| 08 pm| Serbia - Switzerland

| 08 pm| Germany– Sweden

| 04 pm| Denmark – France

| 04 pm| South Korea – Germany

| 08 pm| Switherland – Costa Rica